Improve Supply Chain Decision Making with Total Visibility Anywhere

Integrated Capabilities for Greater Insight


    Gain Perspective with a View Across All Functions

    There’s a fast and easy way to make better-informed supply chain decisions. Total Visibility Anywhere is a SaaS that gives you an integrated view across all the functions your supply chain relies on.

    • Dramatically improves performance and data quality
    • Provides a unified workflow and real-time global asset tracking
    • Reveals productive insights with comprehensive, multi-function visibility
    • Technology trusted by the U.S. military, the world’s largest supply chain

    Explore the benefits of TVA with a free trial today.

    Improved Data and Processes for Improved Results

    Too many organizations now rely on poor-quality data. This costs time, wastes money and impacts the agility of your entire organization.

    With its global reach, real-time responsiveness and view across all management functions, TVA enables improved data and processes for better results across your logistics teams.

    Eliminate Applications That Impede Productivity

    Is your supply chain constrained by “stove-pipe” applications, which don’t share resources or data with others?

    TVA helps you remove applications that prevent concurrent execution of activities. The real world isn’t stove piped, and the software systems that manage your supply chain shouldn’t be either.

    Sound familiar?

    How TVA Works

    Total Visibility Anywhere technology reduces friction for your logistics and supply chain teams anywhere in the world, while increasing the accuracy of the information you depend on to make winning decisions across your company. Check out the video below to learn more.

    Make Winning Decisions with Integrated Logistics Data

    Real Time Access

    Make the right supply chain decisions for your business with comprehensive, 24/7 access to data for managing assets, fleets, shipments, orders, warehouses, requests and devices/sensors.

    Comprehensive Data

    Total Visibility Anywhere is a SaaS platform purpose-built to deliver the right logistics data at the right time. With comprehensive, real-time tracking, visibility, and reporting, TVA puts the next generation of logistics software into your team’s hands.

    Cost Effective, Adaptable and Flexible

    TVA’s modular, technology-agnostic solution integrates easily into your current logistics software. So you can build on current investments by adding new capabilities to your organization, taking advantage of a wide range of options as your requirements grow and change.

    The Next Generation of Supply Chain Management

    Monitor your shipments, identify trends and proactively solve any supply chain problems before they impact your bottom line using these best-in-class, fully integrated TVA features.

    Asset Management

    Supports automated tracking via sensors, tags, trackers and other devices to manage assets through their full lifecycle anywhere on Earth. Keeps end users accountable even in deployed, distributed and work-from-home workforces with flexible tagging and mobile app support.

    Fleet Management

    Track, view, assign, group and manage vehicles with a consistent view of positions, assigned users and operational status. Alignment with asset management and other activities ensures tasking, tracking and management of fleet assets reflects your organization’s top priorities.

    Shipment Management

    View, track and manage your inbound and outbound shipments through any carriers, including multi-modal routes and 3PL, with clear traceability and without carrier support. Monitor for shock, breakage, impact or unauthorized access/tampering though the entire distribution channel.

    Order Management

    Manage inbound and outbound orders while monitoring end-user demand and tracking incoming supplies. Full-lifecycle process provides a single point of view across functions ranging from requests to warehouse material picking, packing and shipping for end customers.

    Warehouse Management

    Simplify inventory validation with faster cycle counts and ensure accountability for all material with item-level security. Identify storage-improvement opportunities using advanced analytics, and accelerate picking, packing and shipping by integrating workflows.

    Request Management

    Streamline execution flow and team coordination with a single view that integrates asset tasking, material requirements and personnel assignments. Manage coordination, tracking and execution support from different organizations for internal and external service, support requests and more.

    Device/Sensor Management

    Automate workflows, improve data quality and enhance decision making with real-time sensor and device data. Monitor vehicle operations with integrated sensors, track long-range shipment integrity and security, and incrementally adopt new on-site and remote-tracking technologies.

    Are You Ready to Turn Supply Chain Data into Greater Productivity?

    Put the next generation of integrated logistics software to work for your organization today. With TVA, supply chain visibility and asset tracking has never been more efficient. To experience TVA’s benefits first-hand, please fill out the form below to request your free demo.

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