Improve Supply Chain Decision Making with Total Visibility Anywhere
The Low-Cost Asset Tracking Solution

    Monitor Your Supply Chain with Military Precision

    Making informed supply chain decisions has never been faster or easier. Total Visibility Anywhere is a SaaS that provides full in-transit visibility for all your assets.

    • Modular Solution with No Costly Infrastructure
    • User-Friendly Dashboard
    • Real-time Asset Tracking across the Globe

    To see how this tech can benefit your organization, try TVA for free today.

    Trusted by the World’s Largest Supply Chain – the US Military

    Wars are won and lost with logistical decisions. When we say TVA helps monitor assets with ‘military precision’ we aren’t being hyperbolic:

    TVA technology is relied on by the United States Military for informed, real-time supply chain management solutions.

    For our military,accessing the right data at the right time is the difference between mission success and failure. Our troops need to know the condition, location, and ETA for important assets across their entire supply chain.

    Sound familiar?

    How TVA Works

    Total Visibility Anywhere technology makes it easier, cheaper, and more efficient to track supply chain assets in real-time anywhere in the world. Check out the video below to learn more about how Total Visibility can help you make winning supply chain decisions for your company.

    Make Winning Decisions with Real-Time Logistics Data

    Real Time Access

    Having 24/7 access to in-transit shipping data makes it easier to make the right supply chain decisions for your business.

    The Right Data

    Total Visibility Anywhere is a SaaS platform purpose-built to deliver the right logistics data at the right time. With comprehensive, real-time tracking, visibility, and reporting, TVA puts the next generation of logistics software into your team’s hands.

    A Cost Effective Solution

    TVA’s modular solution is user-friendly, integrates easily to your current logistics software, and requires no costly infrastructure investment to set up. With in-transit asset tracking, improved data integration, and full asset visibility, TVA helps you make informed supply chain decisions that propel your business to success.

    The Next Generation of Supply Chain Management

    Monitor your shipments, identify trends and proactively solve any supply chain problems before they impact your bottom line using these best-in-class TVA features.

    Modular Integration

    Easily integrate TVA into your current logistics software, with no costly infrastructure investment, expensive hardware or routine maintenance costs. It’s the cost-effective solution.

    Real-Time Asset Tracking

    With TVA, you can track the current state and location of your assets, shipments, and vehicles in real-time, giving your organization a clear view of the current situation.

    Alerts and Notifications

    TVA’s real-time alerts and notifications let your organizations know the moment a delivery has arrived or a deadline has passed. Providing you with the ability to take corrective actions on troubled assets immediately to mitigate costs.

    Sensor Integration

    The TVA mobile app pairs assets with specific drivers or vehicles. With sensors providing up-to-the-minute intel on the current conditions of the asset, including temperature, exposure to moisture, or shocks and vibrations.

    Mobile Capability

    TVA’s user-friendly dashboard & visuals are available across any mobile and web platforms. This gives you the ability to get the information you need on the go, using visualizations designed to make complex information quick and easy to take in.

    Worldwide Connectivity

    TVA’s tech was built for the largest supply chain operation in the world, the United States Military. As such, it was designed to be operational across the globe, regardless of connectivity issues or communication environments.

    Are You Ready Track Supply Chain Assets in Real-Time?

    Put the next generation of logistics software to work for your organization today. With TVA, supply chain visibility, and asset tracking has never been more efficient. To experience TVA’s benefits first-hand, please fill out the form below to request your free demo.

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